Saturday, July 30, 2005

XM radio and other gadgets

Why do I love gadgets? Why do I covet them until I am able to get them?

I got an XM radio and I LOVE it. I live in a small market area and we don't have many radio options other than inspirational, right-wing talk, and country/western. Oh and one radio station for the teens, which is what I listened to before XM.

But previous things I've *had* to have include:

iPod - still use pretty regularly.
Digital camcorder - use every so often but not often enough to warrant the purchase.
Kitchen Aid mixer - use very seldom.
Digital camera - still use, definitely worth it.
Game Cube - Why did I buy this again?

I wish there were a way to see into the future before buying gadgets. I think I'll keep using the XM radio though.


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Are you and I twins separated at birth?

10:16 PM  
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