Friday, July 01, 2005

My daughter made me polish her nails

How did I produce this girly child? I was such a tomboy I changed my nickname to a masculine spelling at the age of 5. I *never* wear a dress. Oh well I did get married in one but I certainly didn't polish my nails. I don't think I've *ever* polished my nails. I don't wear jewelry - not just because I'm not into it but because I have some weird sensory issue about having metal hanging against my skin and squishing me everywhere. I don't generally wear makeup. I have always been and still am a tomboy.

But now I am also a mom and my daughter is not like me. She likes to wear pink. She wants to play dress-up and have tea parties. She has recently discovered Barbie dolls. She begs me to let her wear dresses. And now she's asking to have her nails painted.

We selected glittery purple nail polish from the store. Then we made our way to the diaper aisle. She is learning to use the potty but isn't all the way there yet.

We looked over the diapers, and she said she wanted the Spider-Man diapers. "Please Mommy, PLEASE? No Dora! No Princesses! I want Spider-Man!"

Maybe she's a little like me after all.

Now she's running around naked except for a pink tutu, purple sparkly nail polish, and a Spider-Man diaper.


Blogger Jozet said...

Spider Man diaper and sparkly nail polish, eh?

Why, she's my kind of lady!

Linking to you now!

9:01 PM  

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