Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Getting crunchier

I've never been the most granola-crunchy-whatever of moms. I breastfed for a good long time. We co-sleep. But, until now, I haven't been too concerned about food.

Then I saw a documentary called The Corporation that, among other things, talked about bovine growth hormones that are in dairy products. What I have read about it freaks me out. See this link if you want to be scared. I will never buy any non-organic dairy product again.

I found organic milk at the regular grocery store and bought that, but I couldn't find any organic cheese, and my daughter eats lots of cheese but doesn't drink much milk so the cheese is really a higher priority. So I headed to an organic food store and bought some cheese, some macadamia nuts, a pear, some dates, some dried apples, some 100% fruit freezer pops, and some sparkling mango juice for my daughter. Actually all of that was mainly for her. She eats pretty well already but I would love to improve her eating habits, and improve the eating habits of my family as a whole. Whole-food snacks will be a wonderful improvement over "fruit snacks" available at the grocery store.

My next task will be finding a place to buy organic meat. Organic fruits and veggies seem pretty easy to find around here. Actually organic vegetarian stuff is easy to find because it seems like most people concerned about organic food in this area are vegetarians. And now I have found my cheese! And it is fantastically yummy!


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