Thursday, June 30, 2005

The internet is fixed!

How irritating is it when your internet connection isn't working? It's amazing how fast you get used to dsl, isn't it? Our connection was down from dsl to a slow dial-in level for a couple of months. Luckily our (non-computer-savvy) neighbors next door have an unsecured wireless connection, so we were still able to have cable internet speeds. Is it wrong to use their internet connection without their knowledge? Should I feel guilty? Because I don't. In fact, I expect to continue to use it as a back-up if we have problems.

We use Vonage so our phone hasn't been working either. Thank goodness for cell phones!

The guy from the ISP came over today and said that they had been problem-solving something a while ago and dialed down our speed to do the testing, and then never dialed it up again when they left. This is like two months ago. They've been charging us for dsl for the past two months while we've had about a 56k connection. On the way out he says, "I won't be charging you for this service call." Thanks. How about not charging us for the past two months of internet service! How about paying our Vonage bill too?


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