Wednesday, June 29, 2005

A blog, a plan, a mama, nal pag olba

OK so I'm not that good at making palindromes. I'm probably not that good at blogging either. I don't even know what makes a blog good.

I'm really paranoid about my family reading anything I write. (Extended family that is. I don't care if my husband finds out.) If I can keep it anonymous, maybe it can be fun! Can I bitch and moan about my extended family? Oh yes I can because they'll never know I'm talking about them. Or they won't be able to prove it, anyway!

Now I will have to read some blogs to find out just what bloggers write about. Perhaps I will outline my day:

My daughter woke up and wanted me to wake up. I did not want to wake up, in fact I really wanted to go back to sleep and for her to go back to sleep as well. I lost.

I made scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast at said daughter's request. She ate the toast and didn't eat the eggs.

We cleaned up. Well, I cleaned up and stood her on a chair next in the kitchen with a sink of soapy water and some plastic cups while I cleaned. Then I cleaned the soapy water off everything.

My husband came home for lunch. I made him a grilled cheese sandwich. He said he was still hungry. I gave him an apple. Granny Smith.

We filled the trunk with old cans and bottles and took them back to the store for deposit. Here in Michigan cans and bottles are big money - see old Seinfeld episodes for details - and we can get a pretty good chunk of change from this. Tomorrow is payday and I am trying to stay within our budget so this was the only way to get something snacky without pissing off the husband. We took the money and headed to Krispy Kreme for some donut holes. Oh sugary-coated carboholic bliss!

My daughter wanted to play outside, despite the unfortunate heat, so we filled up her kiddie pool and I sat in the middle of it on a plastic chair. That wasn't enough so I got the sprinkler going as well. A neighbor asked why she was wearing a blue swim diaper instead of a pink one. I said my husband got them, which he did. Does it matter if a girl wears a blue swim diaper? Does it matter if she's 3 years old and topless? Really she doesn't need the swim diapers anymore and I could have put her in her bathing suit but she wanted the swim diaper.

Now we are watching the Care Bears and waiting for the husband to come home.

Ah the joys of my summer years!


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