Thursday, June 30, 2005

Are those back in style?

I wanted to buy some new capri-length pants, and I heard an ad on the radio that a local store was having a big sidewalk sale, so away I went.

What did the sale capris look like? Remember the double-knit polyester pants that old ladies used to wear with big fat seams down the front of the pantlegs? They looked like that, but the material was thinner and a spandex/cotton blend instead of double-knit polyester. Very thin and with a lot of spandex so the world would have a lovely view of my panty line.

I bought some capris but not those! Is that look coming back in style? The seams down the leg I mean, not the panty lines. I imagine hip young things would wear thongs with them. But I am not a hip young thing.

I got one pair of cheap denim ones that were on sale, and then a pair of really nice denim ones that weren't on sale. The expensive ones fit SO well and are SO comfortable! It's like wearing a pat of butter! Uhm, but not so hot or foodish. I guess that's usually said about shoes, not pants, and with good reason. Come to think of it, isn't it kind of icky to say wearing shoes feels like wearing pats of butter too?


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